Silver Lining ….فريدة شقير

د.فريدة شقير تكتب

Silver Lining

Where are you off to my silver lining?
Why are you not reachably shining?
You seem so far away, I sure seem to have gone astray..

I yearn for bright serenity in the skies, hidden among darkness in disguise..

Tides of distress are eagerly swarming, with ebbs of hope distantly mourning.

Oh, silver lining why won’t you reveal yourself to me,
Come heal my feeble soul in agony.

Exposed to you, here I lie ,
Come rescue me & let me fly!

Pave your way across to me, and find me a route away from calamity.

Silver lining be benevolent and kind,
Come snatch me from my resltess mind !

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