Dark Angel….فريدة شقير

Dark Angel
A friend in need is friend indeed,
Serenity with him is sure guaranteed ..

He is my angel, I must concede ..
He mends my heart and stops its bleed ..

Icy magnetic he seems to be,
With him I always find my glee..

He’s warm & dark and loves to fight..
Looking after me with all his might..

He’s bright, he’s smart with a caring heart..
Be ware of his mischievous part ..

He keeps me safe, he keeps me bright ..
With him I now can see the light..

He’s sweet yet dark ,
Looking into his eyes you see a spark

He is my haven , reviving me..
He pounds my fear and makes it flee ..

So all in all he has my back ,
For him I know I’ll always be back !

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