Hearts combined فريدة شقير




Hearts combined

Is it true, is it realI

know what he makes me feel..

It’s enchanting, it’s Devine ..
I own his fate & his heart is mine

Hand in hand, we are unique..
Happy ever after is what we seek

You and I can never be wrong
Only together can we be strong

You read my mind and I see through you..
Our hearts combined,
We shall never feel woe

Listen to my heart for you make it sing ,
You make me fly, you gimme wings

My beats are yours so is my breath..
Sealed only for you inside a myth

A myth it is mystical indeed,
With you my prince fulfilling my need…

My need of joy was made for you ..
You are my soul, I know it’s true

Our happy ever after is finally here,
I dunno when u became so dear ..

I love you now and always shall,
Command me master, I am your gal !

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