In the sky of creativity “Bold Dream” by nehad karara

In the sky of creativity

“Bold Dream”

by nehad karara


Oh Allah who created life, I came to you with

my heart

Give me a shore of peace

After we lost our destination, the result is a

land that is full tyranny

Injustice will be defeated, hopes will be built

and sorrow will vanish

Oh Allah I came to you crying the regret

before I lose

So let me taste the sweetness of faith

“When you prepare to go through your battle get armed with your dream and don’t let go, as the the first step toward success is to dream, and make sure that it’s bold and special as this Diwan. The Diwan suggests different and varied ideas, and discuss it with smooth, simple, and delightful poet language as tunes, sometimes it takes us to the dream and feelings, and some others it takes us in the depth of mystical situation. Then it tells us the stories of homeland and friends, then it leaves us after every read with the passion that doesn’t end”

(The bold dream Diwan)-

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