Abdu Morkos Abd El Malak writes :- THE SAD DANCER


Abdu Morkos Abd El Malak
writes :-
A short story

Date of publishing : Monday 11 January

I saw her,
She was among a crowd of men, guys, women and girls.
They were dancing madly on a loud music,
Every woman was with her man, and every girl was with her guy
They were singing ,laughing ,and chatting during the dance
But she was dancing alone silently in her place ,
None of them gave her any care, yet they were glancing at her
I noticed that she did not move from her place nor look at any of them .


I noticed pearls running , she was shedding hot tears .
But it was not bitter nor salty ,
I felt her and asked myself
Were those the tears of happiness or sadness and pains?
Then I felt salty bitter rains washing the curved lines
That were made by time , I shared her her tears
Suddenly, the place became dark and she disappeared.
She died silently ,sinking in a lake of hot tears
People stopped dancing and left her
Looking for another one
But they did not find any
,,, so they were angry

‘It is a story of ( A candle at a party )
Abdu Morkos abd el Malak

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