Abdu Morkos Abd El Malak writes : A woman Ashort story


Abdu Morkos Abd El Malak writes :
A woman
Ashort story
A woman
She was standing, astonished, flames bursting from her eyes,
lava of volcanoes flying , she was glancing at the woman she met,
she was furious and anger was provoked ,
The hatred ate her heart and the fire of jealousy burnt her
She has never had those feelings towards any woman but that woman
She wished if she could kill her ,
How that woman could have the same dress, perfume ,make up and even hair style
How she dared to imitate her?
How she knew that her husband like this ?
She was confused and lost.
She thought her husband bought her what he bought her.
Her thoughts were about to kill her
and what made her mad is that woman exchanged the same glances with her,
She was holding a bottle of juice in her hand,
her anger made her rush and throw the woman with it.
A sound of high crush was heard
The big mirror ,in her bed room broken into small pieces
and sank in the mat ,and she was hurt in face
abdu morkos abd el malak


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