Abdu Morkos Abd El Malak writes ,My Kingdom


Abdu Morkos Abd El Malak
writes ,My Kingdom

logical ,practical ,scientific analysis or proofs
do not work with me
I do not belong to this universe
I created mine
I ruled it and I lived in it
I live out borders of the words
by them with them
My kingdom ,and wealth are words
and dreams
None can conquer my dreams nor stop them
I fly among the lines
I dive in meanings to get pearls
I arrange letters in punches
of my poetic garden
I am the richest one in the world
I am bankrupt
I enjoy the most beautiful views ,fairies
yet I am so ugly
I am the manufacturer
of happiness
I keep my misery and sadness for me
i am a hero of all battles
without being at battle fields
I am a comic actor
I am a knight
without a horse
My sword is my pen
My arrows are my words
I reap sweetness
of the bitterness
sown by any
I have my universe
I live it
and in it
madness has no limit
Abdu Morkos Abd El Malak

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