(Melek cherif (Why are we so afraid of love

Why are we so afraid of love?
Perhaps, we’re afraid of manifesting how vulnerable the human being could come off sometimes.
Maybe we’re afraid, afraid of loving too much and getting too little or nothing back.

Are we truly afraid of love?
We might be afraid of feelings, emotions. We’re scared of losing ourselves within our journey of love.
We are not afraid of love. It couldn’t be.
We’re affectionate creatures, we instinctively fall in love, hate, feel excited or nervous, get bothered. We’re vulnerable beings.

Why are we so afraid of love?
Perhaps, we’re afraid of being who we truly are.
In fear of the outer world, we discreetly conceal our soul’s essence.
We murder our hearts, we bury them deep into the graveyard of apathy, impassivity, emotionlessness. We go against the rules of our nature.
We’re humans; vulnerable creatures.

Again, why are we so afraid of love?
Romanticizing life is in our inborn tendency. I’m a romantic soul. You, are a romantic soul. All of us. All of us, right?
How can someone be not romantic? Does our intuition allow us to be not romantic? We must all be of some sort. Probably with the right person.

Over and over, why are we so afraid of love?
However, the true question here is,
Are we, truly, even afraid of love?


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