The mice deserted my house by : Abdu Morkos Abd el Malak

The mice deserted my house
by : Abdu Morkos Abd el Malak
The first floor in my house is large hall with a kitchen ,and a bathroom ,It has no rooms , It is full of books and old stuffs that we do not use , It is deserted ,but sometimes I fix motors or meet some friends who not like to be in closed rooms , ….
Days passed ,my wife became annoyed and nervous because she noticed ,as I did , that the place became a maternity hospital and a club for cats and mice that invaded it , and she was astonished that she saw cats playing with rats without any sense of fear ,
She argued with me and asked me to find a way to get rid of all ,she suggested some incredible plans to achieve that task ,that challenge my stupidity , and to motivate me she praised my skills and intelligence , I smiled and told her not to worry ,
In fact ,It is not my moral to disturb peaceful and sweet creatures , but I used to supply them with the food we need not and stay watching their behavior , and find it is interesting to see all gather round food ,some play ,some sing ,some dance , during having their food , really it is a magic scene for a romantic movie
I considered that a life message for the world ,that all creatures can live in peace as they find food ,
my wife was so angry and worried threatening me that those creatures will ruin and destroy your precious books and stuffs, and told me that she hadn’t seen any reaction of my side ,
I smiled telling her not to worry ,
Days passed, I rarely went to the first floor ,due to my daily concerns , troubles and problems.
Once She came smiling with a tray of tea and kissed me, telling me that she was proud of me as I can solve all problems ,
She asked me how I could get rid of those animals without traps, nor poison ,and without killing any of them ,
yet all mice and cats deserted our house ,I was deeply sad but
I smiled telling her that the one like me who has a unique fantastic wife who inspires him can never kill,
She insisted on knowing the magic trick
but in vain ,
Abdu Morkos Abd El malak


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