What a wild kiss ِ A short story written by / Abdu Morkos Abd El Malak


What a wild kiss
ِ A short story
written by / Abdu Morkos Abd El Malak
I’m used to walking among sugar canes fields in narrow ways for 1-2 km to save time, and I’m used to seeing them at the heads of the fields sitting or playing,
When I pass by one of them, we smile to each another, sometimes someone stands and comes to shake hands , kid with me and kiss me .
Today ,while I was walking ,thinking and singing an old romantic song ,I saw her sitting ,
she was sitting as if she were a queen on her throne , I smiled to her ,she looked at me carelessly and turned her head aside , I did not feel sad as she was not the only one who did so ,I went on in my way ,
Suddenly ,I felt a strong push on my back ,as I turned ,I saw her trying to put her hands on my shoulders ,she was so heavy that I was about to fall down
she tried to kiss me ,but failed , because I resisted
yet she insisted ,she caught my leg with her hands ,and I felt her tusks sink in my flesh ,
I was about to cry of pain , I resisted her by pushing her away,
She ran away ,
I found a red sea of the four wells she dug in my leg,
Blood was bleeding heavily . I tried to stop it but I failed ,as I had the medicine of hyper tension that increases blood liquidity and restrains and deprives clot of it,
So I hold some mud of the field ,and put it on my wounds,
I pulled my leg to reach for my destination ,
I reached exhausted and tired with sever pain in head and leg
They welcomed me and knew the story ,someone offered to take me behind him on his motor bike to the hospital where a young dr and sweet nurses cared for me, telling me that
I was not the only one who was kissed by that wild lioness , I smiled and thanked them for caring and left with my friend ,thinking of the motivation of her action
Was it love or hatred?
Now my body is shivering and rivers of sweat covering my body ,
And a pile of medicine
Abdu Morkos Abd El Malak


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