Life with a beautiful wife by / Abdu Morkos Abd El Malak

Life with a beautiful wife
by / Abdu Morkos Abd El Malak
A beautiful wife
and a happy life
your kids
comment on the dishes served
and share
but be aware
do not dare
to show your opinion
show your care
if the meat were half cocked
and when you chew it
you find it like plastic
you can say
the butcher is not good
or the gas cooker does not work well
if the food were salty
say that the salt ,these days ,is not good
and you can add
since I have got married your mom
I’m used to eating new dishes of the same kind every meal
but your mom adds her touches
If you searched all over the world
you would never meet a cook like your mom
then if the smell of the garlic and onion
spread all over the house
how it is lovely this natural perfume
and if saw your wife’s face
painted with colors( black,
that in the kitchen
and her hair crumbled and messy
you seem as if you were a bride
in her wedding night
in this way
you would have a beautiful wife
and lead a happy life
Abdu Miorkos


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