Abdu Morkos Abd El Malak writes : I’m ungrateful

Abdu Morkos Abd El Malak
writes :

I’m ungrateful

I’m ungrateful
I’m wicked
I’m bad
I’m a hateful ,
Ugly ,old and weak man,
She loved me and still loves me
She endured a lot ,
She sustained my misery ,frustrations and dark times
She has been with me to dangerous places
She accompanied me in hard ways ,she walked with me
In the desert ,among sharp rocks . at cloudy, rainy cold nights
And at the burning sunny days ,
We also spent happy times together
She supported me a lot
She enabled me to reach for the top
Wherever I went she followed me
But these days ,she began to rebel
She wanted me to stay with her in bed day and night
I can not deny she made my body warm and hot
I like to be in bed when I’m willing for that
And I dislike to be in a cell
It was the problem that we had never met
I was about to give up this relation
Wise friends advised me to be more patient
as it would be just a storm and would go
and our life would be more beautiful
They told me to obey her as she was obedient for me
And to give more care for her ,
And that I must manage my time between bed and work
She rejected that and did not help me
With bitter and sever pain I began to tackle my tasks
Spending most time waiting

her to be cured of her wound
and restart my usual life with my
Abdu Morkos Abd El Malak


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