A woman A short story By/Abdu Morkos Abd El Malak

A woman
A short story
By/Abdu Morkos Abd El Malak
He was deeply sleeping
when he was awaken ,
he felt sharp dagger digging in his ribs
or arrows penetrating his chest
He got up in panic-stricken
He thought that a thief broke into his flat
It was 3 am
He looked round him
His wife was sitting beside him
He wondered why she poked him so
She asked him who was with him in bed?
He replied ,” None but you ,what’s up ? ”
She shouted loudly :” You are a big liar ”
“You were with another woman , I heard you laughing ”
He said : ” It might be a dream !”
She said : “Whatever , I’m sure ,you were with her, even in dreams ”
He laughed , and said ;”OH, do not be so jealous , I’ll stop dreaming ,
Abdu morkos Abd El Malak

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