We can’t be as stupid as Man A short story by /Abdu Morkos Abd El Malak

We can’t be as stupid as Man
A short story by /Abdu Morkos Abd El Malak
The king of the forest,( The Lion) roared ,he shouted loudly
all lions and their families ran to see what had happened
when they reached where he was sitting ,they were astonished
because he was alone ,
he asked them ,why they had come
they replied
they thought he was fighting or had a problem
so they came to help
he told them
that he had been fighting in a bitter battle since a long time
It is the thinking battle
he added he read a lot, learnt a lot ,and knew a lot
and the thing that disturbed his mind
is that
if the lions were the best creatures
His friends replied yes
He said that they are stupid ,and asked if they did not know that
the man is the best creature
They said ,yes
He told them that he noticed the man
and that the lions can be better than him
they can be the best creature
lions asked eagerly how
he replied
( let,s fight and eat each other like man )
an old wise lion
it is illogical ,our majesty
we can never do that
because if we were as stupid as man
we would put an end to our race and generations
Abdu Morkos Abd El Malak


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