I should not say I am illBy / Abdu Morkos Abd El Malak

I should not say I am ill
By / Abdu Morkos Abd El Malak
Just I say
I feel tired
or I feel ill
No one can expect what would happen
1000 lectures of healthy conducts
1000 000 advice
of how to avoid illness
I hear opera musical voice
you not take care of yourself
you work hard
you expose yourself to painful situations
that effect on heart
you smoke a lot
can you tell me
when can you be seen
without a cigarette between your lips
I look at you while you are sleeping
fearing you smoke during sleeping
when do you sleep?
you stay up to the dawn if not to the morning
with your fairies
the moon
flying among stars
and the most dangerous
viruses that hit your mind
this fb
you spend all home time
on fb
or writing
what about love my majesty
(I ask)
were not you who said
I love to live
Do you think i ,m silly or stupid
I read all your writings
oh ,nice ,then you are one of my fans ,my princess
Do not try attract my attention
to silly matters
ok ,my dear
I have never been ill nor tired
just wanted kid with you
Look at the mirror
You will see how your face is pale and tired
and you became old at your early age
Aren,t you afraid of heart attack
or any dangerous illness
Oh , dear
The mirror is too old and gloomy
you not wear the glasses on your magic eyes
the argument not stopped
till a friend called me
I escaped
I would never complain again
just saying
I feel tired
set a fire
that can burn the world
I miss her argument
abdu morkos Abd El Malak


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